Life-Push the Limits and Go For It!

Posted: Jun 15 2015

I mean, what could happen? You meet your goal, you make a positive difference in someone's life or you fail miserably. Either way, it's a win, win. Yes, even if you fail miserably there is a lesson to be learned. You have to be willing to pay attention, listen and understand what failure is trying to teach you.

In the past 3 weeks, it has been all about high school track and field in my house. My "runner gurl" set some hefty goals at the beginning of the season. She trained hard and was ready for the new season. What she didn't expect was a concussion to the head and strained hip flexor...don't ask, teenagers are an interesting species. She missed most of the season and it wasn't looking good when it came to reaching her goals.

She was pissed (there is no other word to describe her anger...sorry) but I was happy because I could see the pattern. The same pattern that happens every year with her, no matter what the sport, she gets knocked down, she gets angry, she learns and comes back with a drive that is unstoppable. So, I let her complain, cry and hash it out with me and everyone around her until there was nothing left to do but relax.

Once her little dust storm settled I told her, all this is happening for a reason and you have to sit back, relax and let things unfold the way they are intended to unfold. She didn't want to hear it, but she refocused and chilled out for a while.

In life, we all get injured in some way or another. Whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally it hurts. We do not understand why it's happening to us and if we refuse to listen, the injury gets worse. Give yourself about 10 minutes to be "pissed off" but give yourself a lifetime to learn, teach and grow through others. That's the only way to push the limits and go for it!

As far as my daughter is concerned, she pushed her limits, passed her goals and ended with a good season. Why? because at her age, I didn't listen, I didn't learn and I grew up with a few short-comings. Yes, in other words, I "failed". NOW that I recognize my shortcomings those failures have taught me a lesson. A lesson that I can now teach to others to help blossom, grow and enjoy so they can inspire others. Domino effect, baby!