Ironman 70.3 World Championships. 2015-Zel Am See, Austria

A few observations from my few days in Zel Am See, Salzburg.

This is the second most important triathlon stage in the world..and I AM HERE!!

I have never swum in a more beautiful, fresh water lake. I love swimming in fresh water. The water is cool, crisp, clear and fresh.

It’s a little overwhelming to be starting at noon… I’m usually done by noon. And it’s 90 degrees. This is pushing me way out of my comfort zone. Little weird!!
Guess I’ll really deserve that post race glass of wine!

I feel as if I’m living in a chocolate box… Do any of you remember those beautiful boxes of chocolates or cookies that your grandmother always used to offer you… I do… They always showed the most beautiful Swiss alps scenery… Mountains covered in green grass and beautiful flowers. Everywhere I look is a beautiful scene jut like that. It’s like scenes from Heidi, although that was Switzerland. Austria looks very similar. I don’t think there is anything more beautiful in the summertime. I feel like I am living in a postcard.

I love Europe. People are so nice. They are helpful. They live life!
It’s so very different to the USA.The grass is beautiful, green, super soft and super and fine. I just want to lay down and relax with a book. It reminds me of my childhood. It is beautiful grass.

I realize how unbelievably blessed and lucky we are. I for one am extremely thankful that I get to travel the world and do what I love. Yesterday San Diego, today Austria, tomorrow Sicily. Blessed and grateful.

As I sit across from an Arab couple I am reminded how lucky I am to be a free and independent woman, living in the western world. I watched as this poor lady, dressed from head to toe in a black burka, waited for her husband to finish eating as she sat patiently by. This sophisticated man ate his omelette with his fingers:). Then he handed his waffle to her and waited while she broke them into pieces for him.
Then I proceeded to observe as she tried to break a croissant into tiny pieces and slip them underneath her burka and into her mouth.

Also challenging to covertly sip on a cup of tea. Oh, how we take our freedom for granted.

Did I say that it’s beautiful here??? No…. I mean breathtaking!

Blessed. Fortunate. Grateful. Excited. All of the above…. I worked hard for this. I set myself a goal. And I made it. Ever since I visited my daughter here last October while she was on semester abroad and I learnt about the race being here, I wanted to come back and experience the feeling of racing in this beauty. It was a goal and I made it happen!

I am well trained, well rested, healthy. Fit. I AM Ready. A special thank you to my incredible partner, fiancée and soon to be husband, Lawrence! Thank you for supporting all the crazy stuff I do and allowing me to be me!!

Thanks coach Felipe from Breakaway Training for always knowing just what to say to me. On those tough training days, your words inspire!!

And, of course, my training husband, Mike….thanks for pushing me on those runs, kicking my ass on the bike and feeding me copious amounts of wine ;).

And of course, Cathe….THANK YOU…without your unwavering support at the office, I would NOT be here….I could NOT be here. Thank you AGAIN for everything that you do.And to the Amazing A-Team…thanks for inspiring me with your stories, your challenges, your successes….you drive me to push harder, do more, be better.. THANK YOU… My dream is that we have a HUGE group of us at one of these incredible events.