7 Hottest female athletes in the world

Female athletes have always been the most desired women in the public eye. They have been admired for strength and determination, as well as physical beauty. 

Every sport has a distinctive beauty that represents the whole field. But who are they? Together with, we managed to collect a list of the most beautiful and sexy women from almost every sport possible. 

1. Alex Morgan, the sexiest soccer player

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player for the Orlando Pride, the highest professional female soccer division. Alex is a powerful striker who became the world’s soccer champion twice, in 2015 and 2019. In addition, Morgan won a gold medal for the 2021 Olympics in London. Her wild success can only be matched by her amazing looks, strong willpower, and muscular legs. 

2. Antonija Sandri?, the sexiest basketball player 

A 33-year old striker from the Croatian Jolly JBS club is often called one of the sexiest athletes in the world. Antonija started gaining popularity and attention in 2009 during Mediterranean Games when she earned the most beautiful athlete title. The blonde beauty received the most praises at the 2012 Olympics that took place in London. Since then, everyone couldn’t stop talking about her looks and athletic diligence. Sandri? even became a Croatian vice-champion with 7.3 points and 2.5 rebounds.

3. Winifer Fernandez, the hottest volleyball player 

Winifer Fernandez is a player on the Dominican team since 2012. She is by far one of the hottest volleyball players in the world. A young athlete became an Internet sensation in 2016 when a no-name fan uploaded her best moments compilation on YouTube. Since then, Winifer got many followers and kept perfecting her craft day by day. 

4. Paige Spiranac, the sexiest golf player

Paige is one of the sexiest athletes in modern days and already has the title of the hottest golf player. She is an American professional golf player, but Paige is known for her beauty despite her success and accolades. Even though she didn’t earn a title yet, she became one of the most popular and sought-after athletes. Her outfits and slim body attract even men far from the world of golf. 

5. Paige VanZant, the hottest MMA player

Young Paige VanZant is the sexiest MMA player. She used to play for UFC and made significant progress in this field. However, despite her tactics and a distinctive fighting style, VanZant became known for her beauty and body. In 2020, she signed a contract with Bare Knuckle FC, but her debut fight was postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19. 

6. Laila Ali, the sexiest boxer

Not everybody knows, but Laila Ali is Muhammad Ali’s daughter. The woman used to be her father’s blank shadow. Later on, the girl started her career as a professional boxer, just like her father. She made exceptional results for such a young age on a professional ring. Later on, she left boxing and became a successful businesswoman. Fun fact: Laila Ali never lost a fight. She knocked out her idol and became a young legend. Ali’s career wasn’t long as the woman boxed from 1999 to 2007. After that, she became a WBC ex-champion in the second division. 

7. Hilary Knight, the sexiest hockey player

American hockey player Hilary Knight became a silver Olympic games champion twice. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to earn a gold medal yet, but her dedication is immense. A two-time Olympic games champion is her league’s leader and instills fear in male players’ hearts when on a rink. In addition, Hilary Knight became the first woman to participate in a male team training. She models and does every other sport you can imagine, like golf or gymnastics.