Yes, I run like a Girl………..Try and keep up!

Yes, I run like a Girl…
Try and keep up!

  • I know that a lot of you are not into running and that’s cool…you might be surprised but I get it. For some, running a mile can be challenging but when you hear people running marathons and ultra marathons, it just sounds crazy! Right? Your probably think, what in the world are they doing besides running for 26.2 miles, let alone 30+ miles?

    For me, running keeps me young, active and motivated to do more in life. When I can’t run, there is definitely something going on that I just can’t get my head around and life is probably trying to kick me in the butt. But when I come to my senses and drop the pity party, I start running again. I start to rebuild my confidence and reach for that next goal in my life. What do you do?

    A couple of weekends back, I ran the Solana Beach Duathlon and I love every inch of the event EXCEPT when they write your age on the back of your leg. I don’t feel 44 and it burns my eyes to see that number…yes, my eyes are burning right now…but at least I know I am still pushing forward, I am still strong and there are a lot more years ahead of me, God willing.

    If there is something you are reaching for in life, no matter how old you are, your gender, size OR worried about what others may think…GO FOR IT! If you believe in what you want, who you are AND you have the resources to get there…DO IT. Never look back, don’t give up and if you fall, get right back up and keep going!