5 Practical Tips on How to Choose Sportswear

You should choose sports clothes carefully because your comfort during the training and, partly, the quality of the exercises depend on it. Let’s consider what characteristics you should pay attention to when choosing sportswear.

  1. Comfortable clothes

Regardless of what kind of sport you choose to do, your clothes should be very comfortable, that is, should not be felt at all. Activewear which constricts movements will prevent you from doing fitness and may even lead to injuries.

  • Fabric structure

Always pay attention to the fabric structure of a piece of clothing mentioned on its label. Modern clothing for fitness is made from the newest materials with unique properties. Thanks to them, the clothes do not stretch out or bulge at the folds of the knees and elbows, and thus, wear much better. As a rule, it is cotton with the addition of synthetic fiber lycra (from 5 to 10%). The higher the percentage of lycra in the fabric, the stronger and more durable clothing are. In addition, such fabric is air-penetrable, which gives you an opportunity to feel comfortable throughout the workout.

  • No sets

You should not buy ready-made sports sets. Always choose sportswear just for your liking and comfort. Most of the female figures do not fit into the strict dimensional parameters of the sets: the “upper part” can be of one size, and the “lower part” – of another. In addition, 90% of ready-made sets of sportswear are made from low-quality and cheap polyester which contributes to the clogging of pores and glands and leads to skin diseases. Many people are often attracted by the bright prints of brand activewear, but it is better to think about your health. Moreover, choosing an individual set of sports clothes (pants-shirt, pants-top), you avoid undesired disappointments by seeing a girl in the gym in exactly the same clothes.

  • Half-year clothes

Do not buy expensive clothes for sports, expecting to wear them for a long time. With regular sporting activities (from 3 times a week), you should change a set of clothes at least 2-3 times in six months. Since the parameters of your figure certainly change for the better. Moreover, the purchase of new clothes will be a nice gift for your efforts. Also, do not forget that sportswear gradually loses its elasticity and tidy appearance because of the regular loads and washes, and therefore, needs to be replaced.

  • When synthetics come in handy

For such activities as yoga and stretching, you can easily use your favorite leggings, knee breeches, and short shorts, which may be made not only from 100% cotton. Since these types of fitness are not related to active exercise, they will not be fraught with excessive sweating. It will save you from painful rubbing and blocking the necessary air circulation. In conclusion, we would like to say that good sportswear depends on many factors: quality, fabric, style, and the country of origin. The “cooler” the company presents itself in the market, the more expensive its product is. And unfortunately, its purchase is not always justified by the price-quality ratio. Therefore, pay attention to all the factors and approach the choice of sportswear individually and carefully. Do not forget that your health is more important than any fashion brands. Move forward the new heights of beauty and health with beautiful russian ladies!