The Power of Sticking to a Plan and Making it Work for you!

When I look at this title I have to laugh so I don’t cry because this is one area that I have struggled with over the years. Sometimes I think I have ADD when it comes to “plans” because in my mind, the plan usually takes too long and I am trying to figure out a faster way of getting it done. Well, when this happens, my “fast-track” plan backfires on me and I am left feeling horrible about myself. I have to stop, readjust and start over. Let me tell you, you waste time, energy and support from others when you start to change and move in a different direction. Sound familiar?

The same thing happens when many of us want change in our life. We know what we want but we don’t want to discipline ourselves to get there. This happens all the time when it comes to weight/body management. Now bare with me, I will be typing in “fitness terms” but this concept can work in any area of your life. I have done it and when I stick to it, it works.

Let me give you an example, when someone decides they r e a l l y need to get fit and maintain a healthier lifestyle they might start with a popular fitness video or take up a group fitness class. Some purchase a couple of Groupon passes and dabble in something they would never pay full price for but will try it out and then move on to the next best thing. Right? Do not get me wrong…they are “moving” to improve their lifestyle and that’s good but after a few weeks of this, they are done. Why? Well, they made the decision to change but they did not put a plan in front of them to get there.


Planning is the catalyst to getting things done successfully. Consistency is a must to build trust, belief and respect for what you are doing. I had to learn this the hard way and at times, I still struggle because I have no patients and a crazy schedule, but I do work on this everyday. If you make plans and understand there are steps that need to made to get there, you will be successful. You will have to say “no” to things that may disappoint others but if they are not part of the plan, they are not part of the plan. Understand, there will be hurdles to jump, mountains to climb and trenches to crawl through but these are only tests to build character and endurance for what’s ahead.

Here are some strategies that can help you with your next goal in life just make sure you include your “total-self” meaning your body, mind and spirit. These areas in your life effect each other so do not let one fall by the waste side…that’s a sign of moving too fast, too slow and not sticking to a solid plan.
1.Make a plan. What is it that you want? Write it down, put it in your phone in all caps.
2.Find the resources. What will help you get there? A trainer, life coach or mentor. List them and contact them.
3.Steps to take. What do you have to do to get there? Take baby steps. Ease your way into change so that when the “hard stuff” starts to come, you are prepared and ready. You will less likely give up if you stick to the plan, take it slow and pace yourself.
4.Be consistent. What things are the repetitive, basic steps you have to do to get you closer to your goal? Do them, even if you don’t like to do them. Keep your eyes on the prize and know you are one step closer.
5.Share your plan. Who do you know that will support you in a positive way to get you closer to your goal? If you are blessed to have good, stable, positive people in your life that will listen, encourage and hold you accountable STICK WITH THEM! Having negative people in your life is like a non-curable cancer. They come in a lot of different forms, so be aware and stay AWAY from them. Always be positive!
6.Believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself who will? You have set a plan, you are taking the steps and you have decided to be consistent. Stick to it and know that YOU CAN DO THIS! Learn from your journey’s trials and mistakes, keep moving and make things happen for you!