Let’s talk about hair!!

Posted: Apr 01 2014

As I smelled the chlorine in the pool this morning, I decided that it was time to write a blog post about hair!! As athletes, how do we keep it soft, silky smooth and chlorine-free!!

I have curly, frizzy hair. I used to spend hours blow drying  and flat ironing my hair and I could never, ever allow it to dry naturally after a shower or workout. It was always a huge undertaking to get dressed at the gym after a workout as I needed all my hair products.  I also needed so much time to get dressed and ready. This made workouts a nightmare. Once a day was enough. Twice a day was a hair nightmare. I resorted to tying my hair back most of my time  in a tight ponytail.

My life changed a few years ago when I finally resorted to brazilian keratin hair straightening. Oh my, soft, silky, lustrous hair, all the time. No hair dryers, no flat irons, no curly and frizzy hair. A quick shower after my morning swim and I can be in the car and on my way to an appointment in minutes. My wet hair drying naturally and straight on the way.  Late afternoon workout before a dinner date! No problem just as easy to be ready and all dressed up without needing hours for my hair.

As an athlete, entrepreneur, mom, girlfriend and home executive to top it all off, I have so much more time to focus on the things I do. I have been getting brazilian keratin hair straightening for the past three years now instead of having ANY negative effects on my hair, it has never looked better and my hair quality has never been so wonderfully good!

One thing I do to protect my hair in the pool is to always dampen my hair before I swim and put conditioner on, underneath my swim cap. It stops my hair from absorbing all that nasty chlorine. It definitely helps. I am in the pool 3 to 4 times a week and I have managed to keep soft, silky hair! Also don't ever, ever swim without a swim cap!

And lastly, every so often, use an excellent clarifying shampoo, to remove all the chlorine from your hair. And condition WELL. My favorite conditioner is Aussie Moist. It's cheap, and feels amazing!!