Our Story

My name is Andi Neugarten and I consider myself an athlete. In fact I am a lifetime athlete. That does not mean that I am a world champion or anything, it just means that I have always engaged in a healthy athletic lifestyle. I also love clothing. Nothing makes me feel better than to wake up, work out and then get dressed in beautiful clothing that make me feel like a woman.
For years I have been frustrated by having to buy athletic clothing that did not meet my standards of style and beauty. Yes there are very capably manufactured performance driven apparel lines for women however I always felt like they were designed with very little consideration to what looks good to a female athlete and what really works for my lifestyle. I am a busy modern day woman. I rush through my day taking care of my family, my business and trying to make time for myself.
Three years ago, I decided to give up my life in the corporate world and with the support of my family and friends I embarked on this journey to develop a line of luxury, performance apparel for the female athlete. From this dream has evolved what I believe to be the premier brand of feminine, athletic apparel.
I will admit it has been a struggle at times and I continue to learn something new every day. However with the same determination that drives me as an athlete and with an attitude of never stopping until I see “cross the finish line”, I can now proudly say that my brand, Alii Lifestyle, has taken on a life of its own and has begun to take root in the landscape of the endurance, lifestyle, apparel industry.
To date, I’ve put my heart and soul into over 100 marathons and ultra marathons all over the world. I am an Ironman finisher and I have qualified for Ironman 70.3 World Championships twice. I’m just an age group triathlete with dreams of qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii but I am passionate and committed to this lifestyle. As a regular competitor, I have a clear understanding of the endurance apparel niche.
Alii is all about endurance lifestyle. As a busy modern woman, I have no time to think about what to wear throughout my day. Alii bridges the gap between performance and fashion, delivering beautiful lifestyle garments that take me from my early morning swim workout, to carpool, to a meeting, to the mall or market and then out to dinner. All our Alii garments are made from the same Italian performance fabrics and can be worn to run, train or work out, but are stylish enough to wear out for a night on the town.  Alii is the “look at me” attitude that exemplifies the rational of “ I work hard to train, I work hard to perform, why cannot I look better”. I refuse to be a part of the traditional industry “shrink it and pink it”! That is the Alii mantra. It represents a sense of style and true innovation coming from a women’s perspective.
I hope that wearing Alii apparel inspires you athletically to feel powerful, feminine and beautiful.