Fit Features

Before launching Alii Sport, I spent years researching what the market was missing and trying to understand what women athletes actually wanted. I also used this time to perfect our patterns and fits. The response from all the women I spoke to was unanimous!

"Nothing fits me right?"

"We are tired of not finding clothing that is flattering and feminine, yet provides all the right functionality."

"We are tired of seeing clothing that looks like it was designed for men and then sized to fit women."

"We are tired of not finding clothing that allows us to feel feminine and sexy!"

"Bring us something different! Show us something that allows us to feel amazing!"

“When we ride with the boys we don’t want to look like the boys!”

I think we have met this demand!

Our Alii Sport line is small but it's packed with style and some fun, playful designs. Some of our designs are ‘traffic stoppers’! They will be noticed. All our styles are contoured with panels and fabric combinations designed to give a slim line look. Our shorts have been contoured so that they hold it all in and are extremely figure flattering. Our ruched/gathered styles are flattering to most bodies, accentuating our curves, yet hiding a multitude of sins. Our triathlon styles incorporate fabric with high compression that hugs the body in all the right places, holding it all together when we train and race.

Every conceivable detail was taken into account in this process. The main objective was to develop patterns and styles that provided an attractive slimming effect as well as being totally functional.

Some of the features that were taken into account in our designs are as follows:

  • Waistband- our “non rolling” wide elastic waistbands are designed to hold everything in place. They sit in the right spot on your hips, avoiding ‘muffin tops’ and providing great support.
  • Compression fabrics-All our styles have been designed using the very best of fabrics which provide the highest compression elements. We want everything to stay in place when we train and race and most importantly, we appreciate clothing that holds it all in, giving a slimming effect.
  • Low waist bands-There is nothing more annoying and unflattering than shorts that sit right in the waist and cut into us.
  • Leg-Very special attention was given to the legs and more specifically the bottom bands on the shorts and bulging of inner thighs. We know how annoying it is to wear shorts that make your legs bulge in all the wrong places, and to wear shorts that make you look large! I have big legs, yes, they are big and strong and powerful and I want to show them off. I am proud of my legs. They have carried me through many miles and to many podium finishes. But I want to make them look good, slimming them down where they need it.
  • Grippers-Some of our shorts have grippers and some do not. Some have narrow bands and others have wider elastic. Each one of these trims was specifically selected as the best performing finish on each of the styles. Perhaps it was selected to complement the fabrics, or perhaps it was selected as a style element, but each one of our leg band finishes has been tested over and over again and was ultimately selected based on practicality and functionality.
  • Pockets-need I say more, all our shorts have pockets just where you need them. Small pockets on the tri shorts for easy access and storage of gels and small items, a deep middle pocket on the tri tops with a three pocket system on the bike jerseys, with an invisible inner pocket for storage of valuables.
  • Longer length-we have been sure to make our tops a little longer so they don’t ride up when we don’t want them to.
  • Bras-Our built in bras are made with a super supportive, high quality power mesh that allows for the maximum support. We aim to minimize all bounce. Our plush elastic prevents chafing and the pretty picot edge adds a feminine touch.
  • Mesh panels for breathability-Mesh is fabulous. It breathes and it cools. All our tops have a fabulous mesh fabric panel to help you stay cool.
  • Pads-We know how important these tiny little pads are. After all, they sit very close to one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, an area which we all want to protect. For triathlon we have selected a fleece chamois pad. This is not just any kind of fleece; it’s a four way stretch fleece that is super soft, quick drying and anti microbial. We don’t need a whole lot of padding, but we need something that does not rub and chafe in all the wrong places. Our chamois will be comfortable through the longest of races and have been consistently tested on bike rides of 100 miles. So, our triathlon shorts are perfect for shorter distances but are just as comfortable on the longer distances too.
  • We know that some ladies like the feeling of a much more padded chamois on their bikes for the longer rides. So, we incorporated a bike short that we believe has just the right kind of padding. We all hate the feeling of walking around with a bulky diaper in our pants. Apart from being uncomfortable, this also makes us look bulky and large, the very think we are trying to avoid.
  • Rear lining panel-ensures coverage where we need it when we are bent over our aero bars. You have all ridden past that cyclist whose shorts are totally see through!
  • Stitching-all our stitching is flatlock stitching using velvet soft fluff thread, and provides streamlined seams for stretch and comfort against the skin.
  • Seam placement-Streamlined seams are positioned in just the right places for ultimate comfort.
  • Contoured paneling
  • UV fabrics-None of us want to age prematurely. To protect our beautiful bodies from the harmful sun, all our fabrics have SPF 50.
  • Moisture Management -All our fabulous fabrics are fast drying and are specially designed for hard core athletic activity.
  • Zippers-We have used special locking zippers so that when we choose to flash a little cleavage and wear our zippers halfway down, they lock in place and don’t land up slipping when we don’t want them to.
  • Best Italian Fabrics-Every girl loves Italian fashion and styling. And in our case, we found the VERY best fabrics in Italy. Special mills that focus on athletic fabrics only. They spend lots of money on research and development and their quality is tested, documented and proven. The best Italian fabrics with the most up to date Italian technology!

And of course, because I am a female endurance athlete, I KNOW what we need. I encounter all the same problems that are mentioned above and more than anything, I want clothing that fits me just right and embraces the fact that I am a woman. I want to look my best, feel my best and perform my best!

All our fabulous fit features can be seen on our product pages.