At Alii Sport we use only the finest Italian, performance fabrics that have been selected for their superior technical strengths as well as their unique characteristics. Each of our fabrics has been tested over and over again to make sure that we bring you the very best in feel, function and durability.

All our apparel is made from the highest  quality technical Italian performance fabric. All our garments are fully machine washable in cool water. We suggest that you always hang to dry. Tumble drying is NEVER good for anything. Our garments are designed to be tough, but look after them with care , and they will look after you!


P.G.P. (Power Gloss Performance) 71% Polyamide/29% Elastane
P.G.P. has a distinctive treatment that gives the fabric a shiny appearance or “wet look”. It is a next-generation fabric that can satisfy various needs: ultra-fine with a thickness reduced by 50% compared to a classic charmeuse; ultra-lightweight at 145 g/m²; opaque; exceptionally elastic and close fitting; anti-pilling; breathable and resistant to sand and UV rays (UPF 50+). Thanks to the use of Xtra-Life LYCRA®, P.G.P. also offers great resistance to chlorine.

U.P.P. (Ultra Power Performance) 79% Polyamide/21% Elastane
Our U.P.P. fabric is an ultra-fine performance fabric with a thickness reduced by 50% compared with a classic charmeuse; ultra-lightweight at 175 g/m²; opaque, extremely elastic; fits perfectly; anti-pilling; breathable; resistant to sand and UV rays (UPF 50+) and chlorine-resistant thanks to the use of Xtra Life LYCRA®. U.P.P. has also surpassed the requirements of the LYCRA® Sport: it guarantees muscles support, elongation, recovery power and best performance. Garments made with U.P.P. fabric are perfect in the worlds of triathlon and cycling because it guarantees comfort, fluidity of movement and muscular compression.

A.L.F. (Active Living Fabric) 86% Polyamide/14% Elastane
Hi-tech micro elasticized jersey fabric, silky soft and glossy, designed to meet the three needs of fashion-performance-comfort.
A.L.F. guarantees quick-drying, excellent coverage, breathability and optimal protection against UV rays (UPF 50+).

P.M.P. (Power Mesh Performance) 80% Nylon/20% Spandex
Power Mesh is used as a liner in tanks, bras, and shorts. It holds you in and breathes at the same time, which makes it a dual-powered favorite. Our P.M.P. provides ultimate support in our bra tops. It’s quick drying and breathable and performs just the way you want it to.

P.C.F. (Power Compression Fabric) 78% Polyamide/22% Elastane
This warp knitted plain stretch fabric has been designed specifically for use in performance activities. Its high levels of compression as well as its weight provide all the support and coverage that you need. Of course, P.C.F.’s incredible properties, such as Lycra sport, UV protection, compression, anti-pulling, mark it as one of the superior performance fabrics on the market today and it is used by many top multi-sport athletes worldwide.

P.V.F. (Performance Velour Fabric) 85% Polyamide/15% Elastane
P.V.F is a two-way stretch velvet fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch. Its shiny sparkling appearance makes it charming and stylish, great for the production of precious and elegant garments, yet it is also comfortable and easy to care for. The perfect interpreter of street style, P.V.F. is the ideal fabric for young and fashionable sportswear, a touch of glamour for your free time. P.V.F. is pilling resistant, has excellent UV protection and 2 way stretch.

Q.P.N. (Quilted Power Nylon) 100% Nylon Taffeta
Durable water repellent with ¼ oz urethane coating. U.S. made fabric.

S.P.N. (Super Performance Nylon) 100% Rip-Stop Nylon
S.P.N. (Super Performance Nylon) 100% Rip-Stop Nylon provides superior wind protection, is water resistant, quick drying; distinctive treatment that gives the fabric a shiny appearance of “wet look"

U.C.R.F (Ultra Chlorine Resistant Fabric) 78% recycled polyamide and 22% Elastane
Sustainable techno fabric Ultra chlorine resistant. Made with 100% regenerated fibres. Proven to be two times more resistant to chlorine than any other fabric. Contains XTRA LIFE LYCRA®. Smoother and slimmer. Outstanding power. Excellent shape retention and fit.