2015 “A-Team” by Alii Lifestyle and Breakaway Training

We are delighted and excited to launch the 2015 “A-Team" ...Alii Lifestyle and Breakaway Training’s EXCLUSIVE Women’s Race and Ambassador TEAM brought to you by ALII LIFESTYLE (Active Angelz) and BREAKAWAY TRAINING.

We will be accepting applications for Brand ambassadors to represent us in 2015. Click HERE for the Application. 

This year our A-Team will be even bigger and better. We have lots more sponsorship and an exciting program of events for 2015. Our 2015 A-Team will have a slightly different format. There will be no ELITE race team, just a team of amazing ambassadors, a community of athletes that races, trains and supports each other. We ALL strive to be the best we can be and we all support each other as we aim to improve in all aspects of our athletic lifestyles. For 2015, we will recognize outstanding performances by our athletes. These will be recognized by awarding gifts and incentive prizes throughout the year.

In return for your commitment as a TEAM AMBASSADOR, we will provide you with a host of fabulous items, as detailed below.

To qualify for selection as an A Team Ambassador, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be female and be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be actively competing in triathlons, running races, cycling events or other sporting events throughout the year and provide proof as such.
  • You must be active on more than one social media platform. 



You don`t have to be the fastest athlete to be the best ambassador for us! We are looking for passionate and committed athletes who embrace what it means to live an Alii Lifestyle.

Alii is all about an endurance LIFESTYLE. We understand how hard you work to stay in shape. Whether you are a TRIATHLETE, or RUNNER, go to the gym, do yoga or just love to be active, we believe that you are an endurance ATHLETE if you are PASSIONATE about staying in shape and you incorporate some sort of workout into your daily routine.

And, as a busy modern woman, you have no time to think about what to wear throughout your day. You are juggling family, career and life and you need clothing that will take you from your early morning workout into the evening. Alii Lifestyle bridges the gap between performance and fashion, delivering beautiful sport fashion lifestyle garments that keep you looking beautiful and stylish through your day-AND when you race and train. All our Alii Lifestyle garments are made from Italian performance fabrics.

The A-Team is a community of Athletes, from beginners to pros, supported by Alii Lifestyle and Breakaway-Training as they accomplish their goals and compete in the sports that they love.


Brand Ambassadors will receive the following awesome gear and benefits.

  • A Team- Alii Lifestyle/Active Angelz-Breakaway Training branded race kit
  • (NOTE: This will be a distinctive and unique kit, not available to ANYONE else-heavily branded Alii Lifestyle/Breakaway Training/A-Team).
  • A Team race sleeves
  • Alii Lifestyle performance visor
  • A Team run tank
  • A Team- Alii Lifestyle/Active Angelz-Breakaway Training cycle jersey – (available in the $149 option below)
  • Alii Lifestyle Water Bottle
  • AND a host of AWESOME discounts from a large (and growing) list of sponsors.


Our Awesome DISCOUNTS from our Sponsors to date include:

  • BREAKAWAY TRAINING: Free Drop in Workouts, Discounted Training plans, 3 months for $300.
  • Alii Lifestyle: Generous discount on ALL additional purchases.
  • Asics shoes
  • Compex
  • Roka Sports Wetsuits
  • Spy Optics
  • Nytro Multisport
  • Tamara Renee DNA
  • Speedfil
  • Skratch Labs
  • RUDY project helmets
  • Ignite Naturals

    NOTE-MORE SPONSORS ARE BEING ADDED with additional AWESOME benefits and discounts.

NOTE - TEAM CAMP will be planned for 2015 as well as 3 or 4 team races.
In addition; we hold team events at least every other month!




  • Team dues of $99 (Race/Tri kit only) or $149 (Race kit and cycling jersey)-This is a ‘minimal charge to cover basic kit costs).
  • Must wear Team uniform during all races (minimum of 5-7 Triathlons/Run/Cycle races)
  • Upload photos from races and training to SOCIAL MEDIA outlets no less than 2x monthly
  • Submit race results ONE WEEK after race date
  • Be a strong supporter of COMMUNITY, POSITIVITY, while exemplifying professionalism and sportsmanship.



Thank you again for applying, best wishes for a successful season, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Inspiring you to be fast and feminine,

Andi Neugarten. CEO

Active Angelz LLC



Coach Felipe Loureiro
Breakaway Training
Luana Concepcion
Social Media and Team Director






Our 2014 Elite Team has been carefully selected to include a hand picked group of accomplished athletes who represent the core values of the Brand. All our athletes embrace an Alii Lifestyle and live, train and race across the USA. We are honored to partner with Breakaway Training and proud to have the following members on our team

We are EXCITED and DELIGHTED to Announce the 2014

Active Angelz/Alii - Breakaway Training Team
(Our ELITE Women’s Race Team)



A Special thank you to our INCREDIBLE 2014 sponsors: