The Fashion of Sport is Here to Stay

Posted: Dec 16 2014

Over the past few years active wear has gone from something you wear only to workout in, to fashionable street wear. The active sports apparel segment is one of the largest growing segments in the retail clothing market. We see yoga pants matched with every outfit. We see fashionable sports bras becoming the new “must have”. Running jackets and vests are becoming more and more trendy. Running shoes now come in every color and style we can imagine. Our everyday clothing has been taken over by stylish active wear.

This seems like a blast to the past: if we look back at the 80’s they were going through a fashion movement very similar to what’s happening right now. This was a time of sweatbands, jumpsuits and legwarmers. Although that seemed to be a fashion trend, this seems to be more of a lifestyle. What makes us so attracted to sportswear? Well, for one, its comfortable! This movement started just like Alii Sport did. Most women realized they were engaging in active lifestyles and leading a modern lifestyle with no clothing to fit those needs. From this the fashion of sportswear was born. Women who want to look beautiful before and after they hit their workouts.

Andi Neugarten, the founder of Alii Sport, is a triathlete who was tired of having no clothing that fit her just right…she wanted to feel beautiful and feminine while she worked out. She wanted to create athletic apparel that considered a woman’s body, as well as fit the needs of a twenty-first-century woman’s lifestyle. Who is more perfect then someone who lives that lifestyle?

The difference between the 80’s and today is where this movement has gone over the years. It is no longer just for active women whom want their needs fulfilled, it’s an outright fashion statement. Women buy these clothes to wear as street fashion, not just for workout classes. Fitness clothing is being viewed as sophisticated. It seems like every store has an activewear section, showing a variety of prints and designs. The growing attention on society’s health and well-being has led to a booming market for activewear. People not only want to feel good they want to look good. They want people to know they live a “healthy” lifestyle. Women want to wear those yoga pants with sneakers and match it with a nice top and scarf.