20 things I had to figure out myself as a Triathlete

Posted: Sep 08 2014

Not many people will tell you the “little” things that add up over time. Especially when you decide to do a triathlon. As a busy mom with 2 kids and my 21 year old special needs daughter, we have different personalities and schedules to accommodate. Don’t forget the fact I have 2 dogs, which as many of you know, might as well be 2 additional kids.

Most often we are strapped for time as it is in day to day things. If you are a mom you know this! One bad morning can give you anxiety and deserve a much needed trip to Starbucks or skip the gym and get a pedicure. Whatever the situation you may be working full time, part time, full time housewife or what we like to call a Domestic Engineer, Domestic Goddess, etc.

Finding time to accomplish a goal of Triathlon, is just a feat in itself. The thought that it enters your mind, is half the battle, so congratulations....I think???

The last 4 years has been an awesome journey of trying to ride the Triathlon roller coaster. Here are some things to get you through the barriers of deciding or to laugh at yourself if you already do.

  1. Naps are a necessity, take them when you need to and often. 
  2. Aches and pains are a part of daily living, get over it OR GET A FOAM ROLLER 
  3. Sleep? What’s that?
  4. Endurance Nutrition, gels, electrolyte drinks etc, another expense
  5. Gym membership, local Tri club membership, USAT membership, Yoga studio Membership, its common to have all. 
  6. You will have to become a morning person to get your workouts in.
  7. You will pee in your wetsuit and on yourself. 
  8. You will go through 2-4 different brands of bike or tri shorts until you find the “right” one, kind of like dating.
  9. So you think you are not type A? Think again
  10. Infamous Words, "I am doing a Triathlon", turns into "OH, I am “just” doing a Sprint"
  11. Lube, Glide, Vaseline, Sunblock, yes you need these in bulk.
  12. When someone yells ON YOUR LEFT, it means move TO THE RIGHT.
  13. Be sure to Budget and include race entries...Did I mention more expenses?
  14. Vacations are replaced with races
  15. You see your triathlon friends more than your regular friends
  16. You have more workout clothing than regular clothing
  17. You determine when to wash your hair around your workouts. Why wash today when you are swimming tomorrow?
  18. Counting calories brings on a whole new meaning.
  19. Ebay and amazon become your most used apps because you don't have time to shop, oh and you just added expenses. cheaper=better
  20. No you don't need a bucket of water to wash your feet 
Whatever distance you decide, we always know who the newbies are based on the look on their faces. The look of horror…excitement….and the desperate hunt for a swim buddy. Don’t worry, we have all been there! We all have to start somewhere. Be proud of yourself. Be thankful of your health. Be thankful you conjured up the money to get the equipment and race fees to participate. Be Happy for what you are about to become….A TRIATHLETE. That is for life!! It may not be an Ironman …..yet! But you have earned the right to be here just as much as anyone. You put the physical work and financial work in. Even if you never do another one, you made it to the level of saying you “ I wanted to”, and turned it into “I DID IT"

By: Luana Concepcion