Lenita Anthony

Lenita is a Clinical exercise Physiologist at UCSD, excercise is far from foreign to this amazing Active Angel. Growing up chasing her 3 older brothers and trying to not let them "ditch" her created her fiery need to keep her competitive edge. Deeming her favorite race, when she participated as an Ironman Kona Qualifier, Lenita is a true multisport athlete. In recent years, she has focused primarily on cycling, more specifically time trials. The Individual Pursuit at USA cycling Masters Nationals taught her that the discipline of chasing a motorcycle at 36MPH around a track was far from what we as Endurance athletes are used to when training for the long haul. Not only did she compete, she set a new National and World Record for her age group. This year as an Active Angel athlete she hopes to break the World record for her age group for "The Hour" which is the Holy Grail of cycling where she will go the greatest distance possible in one hour on the bike.